Our SLB Range 

Aug 31, 2023

The SLB Range from Pinpoint Manufacturing stands out as a model of exceptional lifting solutions. The journey for Pinpoint Lifting Bags began with the Standard Lifting Bag (SLB), which has since evolved into a comprehensive range of lifting bags for all scenarios. This blog explores the remarkable features that make the SLB Range a pinnacle of modern engineering.

Evolution of the SLB Range 

Pinpoint Manufacturing’s Standard Lifting Bag (SLB) was a pioneering solution that addressed the critical need for a reliable lifting mechanism. Over time, as industries grew and demands evolved, we expanded our SLB Range to include the SBLB and the DBLB to meet different lifting specifications. The evolution showcases our commitment to catering to diverse lifting requirements and providing tailored solutions for various scenarios.

Variety of Sizes

One of the defining attributes of the SLB Range is its comprehensive array of sizes, offering many options to match specific needs. Whether you have a modest load or a substantial weight, the SLB Range has the perfect lifting bag to ensure a safe and secure lift. Our SLB Range effortlessly provides every user with their ideal lifting solution.

Standard Lifting Bag

Unveiling the Features

The SLB Range boasts an impressive set of features that enhance functionality, safety, and ease of use:

  • Heavy Duty Lifting Slings: We craft the lifting slings to withstand rigorous lifting operations. Their durability guarantees that each bag can handle even the most challenging loads.
  • Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes: The incorporation of stainless-steel lifting eyes adds a layer of corrosion resistance and ensures consistent performance in diverse environments.
  • Double Velcro Closure: The double Velcro closure mechanism is very convenient. It secures the load effectively and quickens the opening and closing process, optimising workflow efficiency.
  • Additional Finger Grip: Simple yet ingenious, the extra finger grip facilitates easier bag handling. Even in high-stress scenarios, users can effortlessly manage the bag’s movement, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • Optional Accessories: Recognising the uniqueness of every operation, Pinpoint Manufacturing offers a range of optional accessories. From external and internal trays for specialised storage to bespoke labels, customer logos, and window pockets for documentation, these accessories elevate the customisation potential of the SLB Range.
  • A Splash of Colour: The SLB Range offers a standard choice of 10 colours. The colour range allows for easy differentiation between bags and adds a touch of vibrancy to industrial environments.
  • Clear Working Load Limit Certification: Safety is paramount in lifting operations. As with all of our bags, each bag is certified with a clear working load limit prominently displayed on the front panel. The visible load limit ensures that operators are always aware of the bag’s capacity, mitigating the risk of exceeding safe limits.

From the foundational SLB to the SBLB and DBLB, this range is a testament to our commitment to innovation and user-centric design. By offering a vast selection of sizes, many features, and optional accessories, Pinpoint Manufacturing empowers industries by offering a solution to lift efficiently and safely. For more information about our SLB Range and the other products we offer, visit our website.

Standard Lifting Bag