Standard Lifting Bag

Standard Lifting Bag

Standard Lifting Bag

One of the first ranges to be developed by Pinpoint and with a variety of sizes, there is great choice available to find the perfect lifting solution for your company’s needs. The SLB350 is not only the most popular of our Standard Lifting Bags, it is one of our most sought after bags overall.

  • Heavy Duty Lifting Slings
  • Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes
  • Double Velcro Closure
  • Additional finger grip aides easier opening
  • Optional External / Internal Tray
  • Optional Bespoke Label / Customer Logo
  • Optional Window Pocket


SKU Tray/Skirt Available (Y/N) Bag Dimensions Max WLL in KG

**A lower WLL can be specified

BCB460 Y Length 460 x Width 460 x Closed Height 680mm 100
BPLB250 Y Length 250 x Width 250 x Closed Height 630mm 250
DBLB840 Y Length 840 x Width 415 x Closed Height 645mm 300
SBLB415 Y Length 415 x Width 415 x Closed Height 650 mm 250
SLB350 Y Length 350 x Width 350 x Closed Height 530mm 250
SLB360 Y Length 360 x Width 360 x Closed Height 600mm 300
SLB480 Y Length 480 x Width 480 x Closed Height 900mm 300
SLB1000 Y Length 350 x Width 350 x Closed Height 1000mm 250
SLB1150 Y Length 1150 x Width 1150 x Closed Height 300mm 750
SLB1400 Y Length 1400 x Width 550 x Closed Height 300 mm 250
STLB1750 Y Length 700 x Width 700 x Closed Height 1400 mm 170


LENGTH LÄNGE LONGITUD 1150mm, 1400mm, 250mm, 350mm, 360mm, 415mm, 460mm, 480mm, 700mm, 840mm
WIDTH BREITE ANCHURA 1150mm, 250mm, 350mm, 360mm, 415mm, 460mm, 480mm, 550mm, 700mm
DEPTH TIEFE PROFUNDIDAD 1000mm, 1400mm, 300mm, 530mm, 600mm, 630mm, 645mm, 650mm, 680mm, 900mm
WLL WLL WLL 100Kg, 170Kg, 250Kg, 750Kg

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  • Available In: Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black and Silver
  • Available With External TrayAvailable With GermanAvailable With Spanish
  • Double Velcro Closure
  • Lifting Sling & Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes
Standard Lifting Bags

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