Spotlight on our Closed Lid Bags

Dec 04, 2023

Our Closed Lid Bags (CLB), also known as pallet bags, are incredibly popular with our customers and have been for many years. This range of bags allows a variety of items to be stored, lifted, and accessed quickly and easily. 

Our Closed Lid Bags are straight-sided and have a lid that can be closed over to keep items safe inside. They’re fitted with a secure Velcro lid closure and are further secured with plastic lid buckles. They have heavy-duty lifting slings, stainless steel lifting eyes and additional finger grip aides for easier opening. 

Working Load Limit 

At Pinpoint Manufacturing, we specify Working Load Limits (WLL) for all our lifting bags, and the CLB range is no different. The Working Load Limit is printed on the bag’s front panel so that it’s clear and easily seen by anyone using it. 

In this range, the Working Load Limits vary, and some achieve up to 1000kg. We can specify a lower Working Load Limit on the label if necessary. Simply let us know at the time of ordering.  

Optional Extras

Internal Tray

There are several optional extras with our Closed Lid Bag range. This makes them easily customisable for our client’s needs and various uses. 

The bags can be made with internal compartments, making them ideal for load separation, ranging from 1 compartment or a number of compartments to suit your needs.

The bags are also available with external trays, which makes them more durable and stable for lifting loads. 

Pallet Feet on Lifting Bags 2

Having pallet feet fitted is another available option. This enables storage in racking and easy transportation by forklift truck, which is essential to many customers. 

The Closed Lid Bags are available with window pockets to insert labels which are easily replaced to allow identification labels for different uses. 

specialist lifting bags Colours

Colour Choice

This range of bags comes in a wide variety of colours to meet the needs of our clients perfectly. They’re available in red, orange, yellow, lime green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple, black and silver, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Add Your Logo 

Your company logo can be added to the bag upon request. This is great for branding and something many of our clients utilise. 

Bespoke Bag Design 

If you require a Closed Lid Bag size that is not currently in our existing range we offer a bespoke design service so we can manufacture the perfect bag for your requirements. Our expert team can create a bag to your specifications and ensure it has all the needed features. 

If you want to order a Closed Lifting Bag or ask any further questions about the range, contact our team. Call us at 01792 851 298 or email [email protected], and someone will contact you shortly.