Product Focus: Our Utility Lifting Bag (ULB) Range

Apr 18, 2023

If you need a versatile lifting bag for your heavy-duty lifting needs, the Utility Lifting Bag (ULB) by Pinpoint is ideal! As one of the first bags designed and manufactured by the company, it has a long-standing reputation for quality and durability.

Utility Lifting Bag

The ULB can withstand heavy loads to increase the safety of lifting processes. The bag is certified to a working load limit (WLL), displayed clearly on the front panel to ensure you do not exceed its capacity. If requested, we can put a lower working load limit on the bag for peace of mind that the actual limit will not be reached. 

One of the standout features of the ULB bag is the heavy-duty lifting slings made from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent lifting, ensuring that the ULB bag is reliable for a long time. The stainless-steel lifting eye is another fantastic ULB feature, providing a secure and stable attachment point to enhance the safety of the lifting process. The lifting eye can be attached to various equipment types, including hoists or cranes. 

Utility Lifting Bag

The Velcro closure of the ULB provides a secure and reliable way to close the bag, ensuring that the lifted load remains stable and secure during the lifting process. The heavy-duty Velcro closure can withstand frequent use without losing grip, ensuring the longevity of the ULB bag. The ULB bag also features an additional finger grip, which aids in opening the Velcro closure, making the bag easier to use, especially when wearing gloves.

The ULB is highly versatile; it can hold anything from heavy machinery or equipment in an industrial setting to construction materials on building sites. The water resistant material makes these bags an excellent option for use in rain or marine environments, where saltwater and other harsh conditions can damage the contents. The multi-use options of the Utility Lifting Bag make it a valuable addition to your lifting gear. It is a cost-effective option because you can use the bag for many lifting tasks without purchasing additional equipment.

The ULB is also customizable to your preferences and needs coming in 10 vibrant colours with the option to add an internal or external tray, a bespoke label or customer logo and even a window pocket. Adding an internal or external tray to the ULB is recommended because it increases the load’s stability and protects the base of the bag. The customizability of the ULB bag is an important feature that provides a range of benefits, including improved safety, durability, and personalization.Overall, the Utility Lifting Bag by Pinpoint was designed with strength, durability, versatility, and safety, making it a reliable lifting solution worth considering for your heavy lifting needs. To enquire about a ULB from Pinpoint Manufacturing or to find out about the other styles of bespoke lifting bags that the company offers, visit our website.