Product Focus – Our HLLB Range

Jul 27, 2023

Companies across various sectors constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline operations and enhance performance. One such innovation that has gained traction recently is the Heavy Large Lifting Bag (HLLB) range from Pinpoint. From manufacturing to construction, these lifting bags have revolutionised handling large, heavy objects, making them an excellent investment for various work settings and industries. The HLLB range combines robust materials and meticulous craftsmanship to provide versatile and efficient bags designed to lift and transport loads weighing a few kilogrammes up to a tonne. So, why is the HLLB range so in demand?


The HLLB range caters to diverse industry requirements, making them ideal for many sectors. Whether you work in construction, mining, utilities or any other industry that requires you to move heavy-duty goods, the HLLB will benefit you. They can handle various loads, including machinery, equipment and building materials. With multiple load capacities, there is an HLLB available suited to your needs. We also offer a bespoke design service, so if the size you require is not available in our current range, we can design and manufacture a lifting bag to your exact specification.

Enhanced Safety Measures

The HLLB range is made from high-strength and tear-resistant materials designed to withstand heavy loads in harsh conditions. The bags are equipped with robust handles and reinforced lifting points and like all our lifting bags, the HLLB range is certified to have a working load limit (WLL) displayed clearly on the front panel to ensure workers do not exceed their capacity during lifting operations. Additionally, the HLLB range reduces the need for manual handling, preventing injury to workers. 


The HLLB range is a quick and hassle-free solution, enabling easy manoeuvrability. The compact design makes them easy to store and transport, saving time and effort compared to traditional lifting equipment. 


Like all our lifting bags, the HLLB range comes in ten colours. The colour variation is excellent for assigning colour codes to load types, or you can choose the most appropriate to your line of work. There is also the option to add a bespoke label to the HLLB range, such as a customer logo, for added professionality. In terms of practicality, the bags have additional extras to meet the requirements of specific industries. For instance, construction companies often add external trays because they provide extra protection and rigidity to the bag, which is beneficial for rough terrains.

The Heavy Large Lifting Bag (HLLB) range is a game-changer for many industries. With their versatility, enhanced safety features, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customizability, these lifting bags offer an unmatched solution for heavy lifting requirements. Invest in the HLLB range today and experience the transformative impact on your work environment. For more information about the HLLB range from Pinpoint, visit our website.