Product Focus: Accumulator Lifting Bag Range

Oct 03, 2023

We specially designed our Accumulator Lifting Bag (ALB) range to lift accumulators; however, it is not limited to this purpose and can accommodate many other items. Our customers have found the range offers a perfect lifting solution for several applications. 

Our ALB range has been designed with top and side-opening Velcro. These openings allow for a partially folded down front, providing easy access to the load inside and easy insertion or removal of the load being lifted. 

The double Velcro closures are heavy-duty and provide exceptional strength and security for the items inside. To make the bags easy to open despite their strong Velcro, they have been designed with additional finger grip aides to make opening smooth and simple. 

Each of the bags within the Accumulator Lifting Bag (ALB) range comes with stainless steel lifting eyes and a heavy-duty lifting sling to ensure easy and safe operation when lifting. 

The range has optional extras based on the customer’s needs and requirements. There is the option to add external and internal trays to each bag in the range. External and internal trays provide rigidity and protection to the base of the bag, making it a good choice for more fragile loads. Internal bag trays provide internal load separation, which can be helpful for many of our customers. 

There is also the option to add bespoke labels and customer logos to each bag – perfect for personalisation and identification. We can also add optional window pockets. These are handy and secure places to store paperwork for easy access when required. 

ALB bags come in 10 colour choices – light blue, dark blue, lime green, dark green, orange, red, grey/silver, black, purple and yellow. This means customers can choose bag colours based on their branding, or the bags can be colour-coded according to what they’ll be used for. 

Each bag has a maximum Working Load Limit (WLL) of 150kg. A lower WLL can be specified upon request. There are currently 4 sizes in the range:

  • ALB142 -Length 250 x width 250mm and a closed height of 1295mm. 
  • ALB167 -Length 250 x width 250mm and a closed height of 1420mm. 
  • ALB2000 – Length 250 x width 250mm and closed height of 1725mm. 
  • ALB2500 is the largest of the range and is Length 250 x width 250mm in width and has a closed height of 2500mm. 

Although not an “ALB” code, we have another bag which is frequently used to lift accumulators and high in demand, namely our LB1900:

LB1900 – Length 1900 x width 210 mm and a closed height of 210mm. This bag is supplied with internal straps and can be lifted horizontally and vertically.


If your required size is not listed above, our team is happy to help and can design the perfect size to ensure you have the right bag. Click here to view our standard-sized ALBs, and if you want to ask questions or discuss having a bespoke size made for your needs, contact our team by calling 01792 851 298 or emailing [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.