Miscellaneous & Specialist Lifting Bags 

May 30, 2023

Pinpoint Manufacturing is proud to offer a wide range of lifting bags. In certain situations, a standard bag cannot fulfil our clients’ needs as well as we’d like, so we have designed a range of bags for specific lifting situations. Client feedback tells us that many of these specialist lifting bags offer a suitable lifting solution for items that they were not specifically designed for, thus providing versatility of use.

Anode Bag 

Our Anode Bag is designed specifically for lifting Anodes. The L-shaped tray offers excellent protection and adds rigidity. This bag is 1400mm x 300mm with a closed height of 300mm. The Anode bag also has a maximum Working Load Limit of 300kg, although a lower WLL can be specified on request. 

specialist lifting bags Anode

Stretcher Bag

Our Stretcher Bag is specifically designed to carry folded stretchers to site. It has a length of 1600mm, a width of 600mm, and a closed height of 450mm, with a maximum Working Load Limit of 150kg. 

specialist lifting bags Stretcher Bag

Tripod Lifting Bag 

Our Tripod Lifting Bag was created after several requests from different clients, and it has become widely popular since we started offering it. Not only do customers use these bags for tripods, but many customers have also told us they use them for lifting other items of similar shapes, further showcasing their versatility.

Our Tripod Lifting Bag comes in two sizes and has the option of an added tray skirt. The smaller size is 500mm x 500mm with a closed height of 1720mm. The larger size is 500mm x 500mm with a closed height of 2250mm. Both bag sizes have a Working Load Limit of 250kg. 

specialist lifting bags Tripod
specialist lifting bags Colours

Another great thing about all our specialist lifting bags? They come in a choice of ten fantastic colours so that you can colour-coordinate them to your business branding or have different colours to denote different types of bags, which is helpful for some of our customers. 

Additionally, all bags have the option of adding a personalised logo or an ID label for identification or branding. This can help them stand out from the crowd or help when you’re looking for a specific bag. 

Bespoke Lifting Bags 

If you require a bag for any other purpose, we offer a fully bespoke design service where we can create a bag that perfectly meets your needs. Our custom products are subject to a variable design and set test fees. 

All Pinpoint bags are made from high tenacity polyester, with a tensile strength of 400/380 DAN, and have a heat resistance of up to +70 and cold resistance of -30, making them incredibly versatile. If you’d like to find out more about any of these specialist lifting bags, or our bespoke design service, our friendly team would be delighted to help you. Contact us at 01792 851 298 or email [email protected].