Velcro Vs Zip Closures on Lifting Bags

Aug 17, 2021

What is the best closure type for heavy-duty lifting bags? The two most common options are Velcro or zip closures.

Let’s look at why Pinpoint Manufacturing prefer to use heavy-duty Velcro closures on our lifting bags.

Zip Closures Have a Shorter Lifespan Than Velcro 

Generally, zip closures have a far shorter lifespan and are less reliable than Velcro, even when using heavy-duty zips. Zip teeth wear down quickly, can easily catch on things resulting in broken teeth, and can rust or corrode. 

Velcro Withstands Weather Conditions Better 

Many of our bags are used in offshore situations where weather conditions are intense, with heavy winds, bracing seas, and salty air. These harsh weather conditions and the brackish environment are very unkind to zip closures. Plastic zip closures lose their integrity and go brittle, whilst metal zip closures rust or corrode.  When these zips begin to wear out, our Velcro has not even started to show signs of wear. 

Velcro is Safer When Hoisting than Zip Closures 

Velcro is much safer than zip closures when hoisting bags. We fit our Velcro closure to the inside of the flap, whilst externally fitted zippers can catch on things during the lifting process.

Heavy Duty Zips are Difficult to Source and Can be Expensive 

The high-quality zips required for use with lifting bags are often difficult to source and can have very long lead times, making it impractical when customers need things on a tight timescale.  In addition, we cannot confirm the quality of a zip until it arrives at our facility. On several occasions we have had deliveries of so-called heavy-duty zip closures that did not meet our strict requirements for safety and durability, so we ended up not being able to use them. 

Heavy-duty zips can also be incredibly expensive, making them a poor choice for customers on a budget. 

Velcro is Far Easier to Replace than a Zip 

If there’s ever a need to replace the closure on a bag, Velcro is far easier to replace than a zip closure. Replacing zips can be an incredibly time-consuming process, whereas replacing Velcro is far easier and faster, making the ‘down-time’ much faster with a Velcro replacement.

Velcro Openings can be Double Secured

If customers require additional security on bags, we offer the added protection of a buckle. Buckles work very well alongside Velcro to keep lid-style bags closed as securely as possible. Buckles can be tightened and loosened when needed, don’t wear down, and last for many years – in fact, on most occasions, it’s webbing that must be replaced before the buckle itself! 

We are confident in our choice of using Velcro closures on our lifting bags from a design and safety point of view, and our customer feedback shows that our customers prefer this option as well! You can browse the wide range of bag styles and options available here. If you have any questions, please contact our team on 01792 851298 or email [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.