Supporting the Community and Waste Limitation

Nov 08, 2022

At Pinpoint Manufacturing, we care about the world around us and our impact on the environment. That’s why we try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. One way we do this is to ensure that any waste generated in our manufacturing process is reused. 

During our manufacturing process, we actually generate very little waste. We donate any offcuts we are unable to reuse ourselves to the local community, where possible. Through these donations, we reduce the need to dispose of waste in landfill and support our emphasis on sustainability and recycling.


Fabric Offcuts 

We donate fabric offcuts to the Gower College Swansea Textile Department, which offers several fashion and textiles courses and apprenticeships, including the first fashion and textiles apprenticeships in Wales [source].

The offcuts we’ve sent to Gower College Swansea have been used in many projects by talented students, including making them into fashionable bags.


Excess Plastic 

We donate any excess plastic from our manufacturing process to the Design Technology Department of a local Comprehensive School. The plastic is upcycled and used in student projects to help the children develop their skills without the school having to purchase plastic.


Surplus HDPE 

HDPE is a commonly produced plastic made from ethylene and has a high density, making it useful for many purposes. When we have excess HDPE, we post on social media to let local businesses and individuals know it is available for them to collect. The HDPE plastic can then be reused, reducing waste and helping us support projects in the local community and local businesses, which is very important to us. 

If you have any requirements for excess plastic or fabric for small projects, please contact us – we may be able to help! Email [email protected], call us on 01792 851 298 or fill in our online contact form.