Personalised Lifting Bags

Nov 10, 2021

Did you know that customers can have almost any of our lifting bags personalised for a small fee? This personalisation can be a logo, a word or phrase, or another identifier to suit each client’s needs. In the past, as well as adding company names and logos, we’ve worked with everything from First Aid logos to the name of the individual Engineer who uses a particular bag. Whatever you would like printed onto a bag, we’re sure to be able to do it for you. 

We use a trusted local print company to create and print the designs for us. They print the chosen artwork onto thin, high-quality vinyl using each customers’ design specification. The print company we work with have no limits on what they can create as labels for our bags. They will colour match to perfectly print the colours of your brand, logo, or anything else! The price is the same whether you simply want one colour on your chosen design or whether you’d like seven colours. There are absolutely no hidden fees. 

Once the printers have manufactured the labels according to your requirements, we sew them onto our bags using the same high-strength thread used to fabricate our bags. This ensures they’re securely held in place no matter how much they’re used and how hard they’re worked. 

If you have brand requirements or standards you need to adhere to, we also provide the option to supply your own labels, which we will attach to our bags using the same high strength thread. 

If you’re looking for lifting bags with outstanding functionality, endurance and quality, Pinpoint Manufacturing are here to help. We are specialists who manufacture high-quality, British-made, commercial and industrial lifting bags. We have a range of more than 150 bags, so there’s a lifting bag to suit your company’s needs, no matter how large, small, or unique your requirements are. 

Or bags the best when it comes to quality. The material we use for our bags is high tenacity polyester with a tensile strength of 400/380 DAN and a heat resistance of +70 degrees Celsius, and cold resistance of -30 degrees Celsius. All our products are rigorously safety tested and issued with a certificate of conformity and a clearly stated Working Load Limit. 

Whether you’re looking for scaffolding lifting bags, hoist bags, material liftings bags or any bespoke lifting bags, our team are here to help. Contact the team by calling 0792 851 298, email [email protected] or fill in the contact form on our website and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.