Lifting Bags: Traceability and Identification

Apr 21, 2021

Pinpoint Manufacturing is proud to have a full traceability record of all of our bags which helps to reinforce our high safety standards. We store full details of every bag made, including every part used and every customer supplied. If there were ever a safety issue with any components of our lifting bags, we could trace all products made with these parts and recall them immediately. Keeping track of these details also makes it hassle-free for customers to reorder their purchases since we know what they have previously ordered

Unique Serial Numbers 

All of our products have a unique serial number. This serial number is printed on the WLL label and will appear like P150KG-000001. 

This serial number is also clearly shown on the Certificate of Conformity which every customer receives with each Pinpoint lifting bag. At Pinpoint Manufacturing, we keep a copy of this certificate as a backup if a customer ever loses theirs. We also log the serial number for ease of reordering.

Certificate of Conformity 

Every load-rated bag is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity free of charge. This contains all of the details of the purchase, including company name, the delivery address, date of dispatch, order number, invoice number, product code and test number. It also contains the bag specifications, including WLL, size, colour, any extras (e.g. custom labels, tray attachment, padded shoulders) and the serial number. 

CE Label 

There is a blue ‘CE’ label that contains the EU CE mark on the inside of every Pinpoint bag. This label also includes the product code, date of manufacture, test number and staff ID so that in the spirit of full traceability, we can even see who made the bag. 

We are in the process of amending this label to include the UKCA mark, which will be the UK variant following Brexit and takes effect from January 2022.

Internal Paperwork 

We also keep on file a copy of the Production Sheet for every bag. The Production Sheet is completed through all stages of production and contains information on raw material batch numbers and much more. 

Meticulously recording all of this information ensures full traceability of all our lifting bags. In the unlikely event that there was an issue with materials, we could quickly identify which bags were affected. It also helps to keep a record of our pre-dispatch quality checks. 

You can be confident that the Pinpoint bag you purchase is designed well, built well and is fully traceable should the need arise.  Contact us via our website, phone 01792 851298 or email  [email protected] if you have any questions or to place an order.