How to safely lift loads in the dark?

Nov 10, 2020

As darker nights roll in, and winter weather brings storms and cloud cover, darkness and poor visibility can begin to hinder some aspects of outdoor work. However, you still have deadlines to meet and a little bit of darkness shouldn’t stop you from meeting these. There are many precautions that need to be considered when working in poor lighting conditions, but we have solved the problem of how to safely lift loads in the dark, thanks to our NLBTORCH lift bags!

Fitted with an E-Flare torch, the NLBTORCH bag is the perfect solution to safely lift loads in the dark or in poor visibility conditions. Your crew simply load the cargo as normal, turn on the torch secured in the clear NLBTORCH bag and then attach this bag to your load. The operators can then easily see the materials being lifted and can safely move them.  A simple, but extremely effective solution to lifting in poor visibility conditions.

Like all of our other lifting bags, the NLBTORCH guarantees:

  • Working Load Limit

All products are rigorously safety tested and are issued with a certificate of conformity and clearly stated WLL.

  • Expertly Designed

Each product has been expertly designed after detailed research with the end-user.

Our NLBTORCH Bag with E-Flare Torch is the perfect solution for lifting in the dark. Illuminating the load, it helps to safely indicate where the load is while lifting or lowering. The NLBTORCH bag is one of our most popular products. The feedback we’ve received on this bag has been brilliant, including workforce downtime being cut and safer lifting. A must for any company, this little bag can make a BIG difference.

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