Focus: The Industries We Supply with Lifting Bags

Dec 16, 2021

At Pinpoint Manufacturing, we’re proud to supply our wide range of high-quality lifting bags to a range of clients in various industries. Our bags come in various sizes and shapes and have different Working Load Limits, making them suitable for multiple items. 

Let’s take a closer look at the industries we supply to most often.

The majority of our clients are in the Renewables Sector. We work with clients in both Onshore and Offshore Renewables and supply them with all manner of bags; from our small but handy torch bag (created to improve lifting visibility in poor weather conditions) up to our large Closed Lid Bags (with the option of internal compartments designed to accommodate and separate items, whilst ensuring that they can be lifted and accessed with ease). Our small tool bags, designed to be carried by individuals, are also very popular with our clients in the Renewables industry.

We also have many clients in the construction industry who order bags for toolsScaffolding Lifting Bags, and general Square Based Bags, each designed to accommodate various items so that you can access them with ease. To ensure capacity is not exceeded, all of our Lifting Bags, including our Tool Bags, are certified to a safe Working Load Limit (displayed clearly on the front panel). 

Our Solar Panel Lifting Bags are becoming more and more popular with clients in the Solar Industry. We specially designed these bags to accommodate solar panels of varying sizes and ensure they can be lifted and accessed securely and easily. We fitted these bags with lifting handles and stainless-steel lifting eyes which help to offer a balanced, safe operation and have a Velcro opening and closing system. The inside of the bag has built-in padding to keep solar panels safe and minimise any chance of potential damage. 

As well as these items and industries, we have also supplied Fire and Rescue teams and divisions of the NHS with bags designed for Rescue Kits. The high-quality fabric we use keeps the Rescue Kit stored inside safe and dry. We also have supplied bags for an extreme adventure sports company who used them to transport filming equipment safely to remote and hard to reach locations. 

We are always happy to work with clients from any industry to create bespoke lifting bags if our current range doesn’t meet their needs. We aim to deliver the very best products every time and exceed customers’ expectations regarding quality, price, and turnaround time. To discuss any of our range or a bespoke bag, contact our team today by calling 01792 851 298