A Focus on Lifting Eyes

Mar 17, 2021

The integrity and strength of a lifting bag is wholly dependent on the materials used, particularly the metals, or ‘Lifting Eyes’.  

The Pinpoint Manufacturing policy states that we use only the highest quality materials to construct our lifting bags.  For our lifting eyes, we have one trusted supplier whom we have used for many years. They are the only company that offers a Certificate of Conformity with every batch, guaranteeing the quality is of the highest possible standard. We completely trust each lifting eye we use with our bags. 

As well as being thoroughly quality checked, tested and certified, all metals in the lifting eyes we use are 316SS Marine Grade Quality, perfect for use in harsh Offshore environments. TIG welding guarantees full weld strength and resultant suitability for use in all safety-related applications. The eyes come with confirmed breaking loads and a Certificate of Conformity to ensure they are safe to use for the stated load, in line with LOLER regulations. 

At Pinpoint, we made the decision in 2021 to use XL Circles as standard on the majority of our lifting bags, as these seem to be the most popular with our customers. However, as we used to supply our bags with Triangular Lifting Eyes, and as all bags are made to order, we can offer all varieties should a customer wish to have an alternative.

A Focus on Lifting Eyes

These are the lifting eye types we currently offer: 

Triangular Lifting Eyes 

  • Small triangles – 47mm x 6mm 
  • Normal triangles – 50mm x 6mm 
  • Heavy triangles – 50mm x 8mm 
  • XL triangles – 92mm x 8mm

Circular Lifting Eyes 

  • Small circles – 50mm x 6mm 
  • XL circles – 75mm x 8mm (XL eyes)
  • XXL circles – 75mm x 10mm (XXL eyes)

We can design Bespoke lifting bags to meet each customer’s exact need or request, including colour, branding, and optional features. On many of our lifting bags, we can also offer a choice of lifting eye shape and size. Some variables affect what type of lifting eye is suitable, such as what the bags will be lifting or what shape the hooks on the hoist are. Our design team will first assess a customer’s requirements and then advise the options available.

To find out more or to place an order for one or more of our high-quality lifting bags, our team are here to help. Call us now on 01792 851 298 or email [email protected], and one of our friendly team will get back to you as quickly as possible.